Can you get the treasure before the archeologists arrive?

The Story:

Can you collect all pieces of 8 treasure before the ship sinks in 60 minutes?

The notorious captain Blackbeard’s shipwreck is in sight. As you get closer you see that the site of the shipwreck is in shambles and accessing the ship will be dangerous. However, you have heard rumors of his most prized treasures are still being kept behind traps, puzzles, and locks. You and your team decide to risk it, climb aboard the old ship, and try to collect as much treasure as possible before collapse.

Shipwrecked does not have a bilingual version


The Details:

Players: 2–8

Time: 60 minutes

Adults: $24.00 + tax

Youth (8 – 18): $22.00 + tax

At Unlocked Ottawa

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