Live Action Adventures

Our escape rooms require teamwork, logical thinking, and all your smarts to solve. You and your team will need to explore the room, open locks, solve a mystery, and ESCAPE before your time is up!

Families, Adults & Corporate Groups

All rooms are created with families in mind but are perfect for adults and corporate events as well. The themes are non-threatening, there are no jump scares, and no rooms are too dark.

Customizable Experience

The difficulty of each room is customizable from Kids Mode to Expert Mode. So you can enjoy any adventure you want, no matter the level of difficulty you need. Your experience will be truly customized.


The pen is mightier than the sword…

Your mission is to visit the Twisted Woods and stop the evil Witch Wilhelmina. Blinded by jealousy for not having any stories about her, she has trapped the characters of famous tales in a never-ending loop, confusing all readers.


Investigate the Crime Scene, Unlock & Collect Evidence, Solve The Mystery.

The Vampire Patrick Bones was found dead in his living room and authorities are stumped as to what happened to him. It is up to you and your team to explore his home and look for evidence that tells you who committed the crime, what weapon they used, and why …..


Can you steal the ultimate weapon?

You are a team of supervillains with only 1 goal in mind: to achieve ultimate power by obtaining the most powerful weapon in the universe. You have heard a rumor that such a weapon exists inside the Emma Frost Experimental Weapons Facility.


Can you collect all pieces of 8 treasure before the ship sinks in 60 minutes?

The notorious captain Blackbeard’s shipwreck is in sight. As you get closer you see that the site of the shipwreck is in shambles and accessing the ship will be dangerous. However, you have heard rumors of his most prized treasures are still being kept behind traps, puzzles, and locks.

Ye Olde Toy Factory

The Toy of The Year Is Waiting

This year’s toy of the year is a secret and under lock and key. Christmas is almost a full year away and you do not want to wait to get your hands on the new toy. You decide to sneak into the toy factory and retrieve the plans to build the toy yourself.

Book YourEscape RoomAdventure

Book YourEscape RoomAdventure

Will you escape? Solve the puzzle in time and find out.


A computer keyboard!