ExtremeBuildingVirtual Game

Play Remotely,At Your OfficeOr Outdoors!

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Extreme building is our virtual game that offers a list of challenges that can take place anywhere (home, office, outside). These challenges involve taking photos of yourself/your group or finding items to take photos of.

There are also trivia questions, Netflix clips to watch and answer questions about, and graphic-based puzzles to solve.

Get a high score and you’ll land on the leaderboard where you can compare your score with strangers or friends. There are 8 lists of challenges and you’ll need to complete at least 5 to access the next list. Completing all of them will ensure a higher score.

Will you score the most points with your general knowledge? Are you good with riddles? Or are you just that unique person who has a special talent for games? This game is perfect for any kind of group!





These assignments focus on working together, in the stream or in real life. Fun assignments that focus on coordination and timing.


Crazy 88

These assignments are focused on making memories with your team members and getting comfortable with each other.



Pubquiz questions test the knowledge of the players. These questions are about anything, anyone or anywhere.



With the BingewatchBingo-card the players have to search in different videos for objects. Some need a very keen eye, some are right in your face.


Scavenger hunt

For the round Scavenger Hunt the players must collect as many objects with a certain specification. Color, letters, shape… you name it!



Players that are really into challenging themselves with puzzles and brainteasers will be really into these fun puzzles.


Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect consists of multiple questions about pictures. These questions are made to be hard to find on google by the players.



Drama or theater enthusiasts will love this round. Players will recreate iconic movie scenes. Points are based on creativity.

Coming Soon!

We will have this up and running very soon.
Contact us if you’re interested in this game or have any questions.


A computer keyboard!