Get your cape ready for a weapons-stealing super adventure

The Story:

Can you steal the ultimate weapon?

Finally you know the location of the most powerful weapon in the universe: Emma Frost’s Experimental Weapons Facility. This facility has a technologically advanced security system but that should be no match against your team of super villains. It’s time to bring the Infinity Gauntlet home.

Note – 10% of the puzzles from our previous superhero themed room have moved to this game. The story, majoirty of puzzles, and setting are all different but there will be a couple similarities. 


The Details:

Players: 3-8 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Adults: $24.00

Youth (8 – 18): $22.00

At Unlocked Ottawa

ALL Bookings are Private!

 The group you book with will be the only group in the room. We NEVER mix groups.

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