Land Ho Ho Ho

Time to boot up the back-up "sleigh"

The Story:

Santa’s sleigh has broken down so its time to turn on the back-up ….

Santa’s sleigh broke during a big winter storm, he has one last delivery to make before sunrise in an hour. Sail the skies in Santa’s flying ship to deliver the last of the gifts.

There is a lot to do as part of the crew; power up the ship with joy crystals to make it fly, navigate to the last location and deliver gifts to all below.

Santa is counting on you mates!

Room Re-Opening November 2022


The Details:

Players: 2–8

Time: 60 minutes

Adults: $24.00 + tax

Youth (8 – 17): $22.00 + tax

At Unlocked Ottawa

ALL Bookings are Private!

 The group you book with will be the only group in the room. We NEVER mix groups.

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