Outdoor Survivor Challenge

A new Outdoor Adventure

The Story:

Explore the Outdoors, Solve Puzzles, Collect Items, & Participate in Challenges!

This is not your typical escape room! Players will divide into teams and race each other in a Survivor inspired and puzzle infused obstacle course. Teams must solve puzzles, collect challenge pieces, and use those pieces to complete the course. Which team will be the first to raise their flag at the end of the course?

Things to Note:

  • There is only the family mode difficulty level for this game.
  • This adventure takes place outdoors. In the event of bad weather we may need to cancel or reschedule. Please bring appropriate footwear/clothing.
  • Each course of 6 players will be a private booking, however there may be another group playing the second course at the same time as your group. The teams are encouraged to engage with and compete with each other, however engagement and competition is not a requirement.
  • If you have more than 6 players you will need to book both courses separately. Please ensure you are booking the same date/time for both courses.

The Details:

Players: 2 – 12

Time: 45 minutes

Single Course (6 Players Max): $100.00 + tax

Double Course (12 Players Max): $200.00 + tax

At Unlocked Ottawa

ALL Bookings are Private!

 The group you book with will be the only group in the room. We NEVER mix groups.

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