Fortune Found

Can you break the curse and escape in time?

The Story:

Last night you were walking through the woods and you stumbled upon a mystical tent that was never there before.

Ignoring all common sense, you decide to enter the tent and start rummaging around.

Unfortunately, the owner of the tent, Madame Celeste Opal, arrived home and found you snooping … so she cursed you!

You have been surrounded by bad luck ever since, and want to find a way to break the curse.

The only lead you have is to go back to where it all began …

Bilingual version available at all difficulty levels


The Details:

Players: 2–6

Time: 45 minutes

Adults: $21.00 + tax

Youth (8 – 17): $17.00 + tax

At Unlocked Ottawa

ALL Bookings are Private!

 The group you book with will be the only group in the room. We NEVER mix groups.

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